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At the heart of the Pure Energy Corporation's oxygenated E-Diesel is the proprietary additive package Puranol (US Patent No. 6,017,369), which for the first time ever enables splash blending of ethanol in diesel in a clear and stable solution. All previous attempts to blend ethanol in diesel using emulsifying agents have resulted in an opaque colloidal and thick liquid fuel that is both unstable as well as detrimental to the performance of the engine. In the presence of Puranol, however, ethanol is entirely miscible with standard diesel and may be mixed in a consumer’s fuel tank without adverse effects. Therefore, it can be distributed to any diesel consumer through existing commercial infrastructure.

The Puranol additive system is developed based on the electrochemistry and fuel chemistry of the two very different fuels – ethanol and diesel. It is a mixture of several active compounds that are blended together to achieve specific desired fuel characteristics.

Puranol is designed to maintain base diesel fuel properties such as Cetane Number, and to improve upon lubricity, low temperature flow characteristics, storability, and other critical traits of diesel fuel. The resulting ethanol-diesel blend conforms to ASTM protocols and fuel specifications for diesel fuels.

An elemental analyses of Puranol show only three basic, environmentally benign elements: carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. It contains no metals or metal containing compounds that are harmful to human health or the environment.

The dosage of Puranol required in E-Diesel blends varies depending upon climate conditions. Dry climates that experience only moderate temperatures require less than 1-percent Puranol while cold and wet regions would need a higher additive dosage of up to 3 to 3.5-percent. Furthermore, given the affinity of ethanol to absorb water, ethanol concentration in finished e-diesel fuel also plays an important role in determining optimum Puranol dosage. The higher the ethanol content is, the larger the Puranol dosage that is needed to stabilize the fuel for a given use temperature. Continued optimization of Puranol pack will result in a next generation product that will be effective in smaller doses in a high-water environment.

Supply relationships for the component materials of PEC's additive system have already been established, with two major suppliers for U.S. production in place. Hence, Puranol is available in commercial quantities today!

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