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Press Releases

July 6, 2006
Pure Energy Corporation Forms Joint Venture with Green Star Products, Inc. and Bio-Clean Fuels, Inc. to Undertake Integrated Biofuels Production

June 28, 2006
PEC-GSPI Consortium Plans 500-Million Gallons Biofuels Production

September 10, 2004
Pure Energy Corporation Ships Second Consignment of Biodiesel Fuel to India

February 26, 2004
Competitive Technologies Grants License for Use of Specialty Chemicals to Pure Energy

November 24, 2003
Competitive Technologies to Offer Licenses for Pure Energy's Fuel Additive Products

November 10, 2003
Pure Energy Corporation Enters into Product Development Agreement with IGI, Inc. to Develop Encapsulated Alternative Fuels and Performance Additives

October 8, 2001
Chesapeake Biofuel and Pure Energy Form Strategic Alliance

November 1, 2000
Pure Energy Corporation Appoints Irshad Ahmed as President and Acting Chief Executive Officer

September 27, 2000
Bioenergy Platform Most Practical Long Term Solution to Energy Crisis, Pure Energy Executive Says

October 25, 1999
Former Fortune 50 executive named CEO of Pure Energy Corporation

October 1, 1999
Pure Energy announces research funding
for P-Series fuel.

July 23, 1999
First urban transit fleet in the U.S. to run on cleaner oxygenated diesel dedicated at the chicago transit authority

June 18, 1999
Mayor Edward Rendell announces efforts to "Fuel the Future" with cleaner-burning alternative fuels

May 17, 1999
Pure Energy Corporation Tackles DOE Challenge:
New Category of Fuels is Designated

May 17, 1999
DOE Press Release:
Additional Substitute for Gasoline Made from Renewable Sources

November 23, 1998
Governor launches first test of breakthrough Oxydiesel Fuel
Developed by Pure Energy Corporation

July 29, 1998
DOE Proposes "Alternative" Designation For Series of New Alcohol Fuel, Notice Says

July 28, 1998
What's an Alternative Fuel? Energy Department Proposes Additional Substitute for Gasoline

July 28, 1998
Federal Government Designation for Pure Energy Big Boost for High Tech "Alternative Fuel" P-Series is "Tomorrow's Fuel for Today's Car"

January 14, 1998
Forum Discusses First Ever Non-Petroleum Gasoline Substitute

December 16, 1997
Patent Granted on Non-Petroleum Gasoline Substitute Pure Energy Corporation Holds Exclusive Fuel License

October 03, 1997
Pure Energy Announces R&D Agreement with Tennessee Valley Authority

July 7, 1997
Pure Energy Corporation Files Petition with the Department of Energy Regarding its Alternative Fuel

May 15, 1997
U.S. Patent Office Allows Claims Covering Pure Energy Corporation's Alternative Motor Fuel

May 9, 1997
Pure Energy Corporation Appoints Irshad Ahmed as Vice President and Chief Science Officer


News Articles

September 25, 2001
More than Ever, Clean Vehicles Industry Should Redouble Efforts
More than Ever, Wiser Use of Resources Will Foster Independence
Fleets & Fuels
By Rich Piellisch

August 3, 1999
"Grass clippings, leaves, sawdust, cardboard, banana skins, junk mail and other trash could become fuel for the family car."
USA Today
By Earle Eldridge

July 19, 1999
Pure Energy Blends Diesel, Ethanol In Splash to Try to Cut Emissions Levels
The Wall Street Journal
By Masood Farivar

May 30, 1999

October 12, 1998
"ADM to Begin testing OxyDiesel"
Oxy-Fuel News
By Shannon Schaffer

September 1998
"Out of waste comes a clean, high octane fuel"
Chemical Engineering

August 1998
"P-series fuels defined as alternative fuel"
DOE This Month February 23, 1998
"Distilled Hope - An alternative-fuel
entrepreneur blends conviction and
preparation into a business"
Automotive News
By Dale D. Buss

February 12, 1998
Pure Energy eyes trash-to-gas IPO from Reuters

January 29, 1998
"Refining Gas From Garbage"
The Star Ledger
By Dan Weissman

January 19, 1998
Pure Energy Plans New Fuel Based on Chemicals and NGLs from Chemical Market Reporter

January 15, 1998
Upstart company has patent to make fuel from trash from Reuters

October 13, 1997
Firm Starts Biomass Conversion Research from Waste News

July 18, 1997
New Fuel Created for FFV's from New Fuels and Vehicles Report


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