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Fleets & Fuels
September 25, 2001
By Rich Piellisch

More than Ever, Clean Vehicles Industry Should Redouble Efforts
More than Ever, Wiser Use of Resources Will Foster Independence

"We want to engineer fuels that are more indigenous to the United States." So says co-founder, vice-chairman and acting CEO Scott Dunlap of Pure Energy Corp, which has the P-Series gasoline substitute E-Diesel, an ethanol-diesel mix that's concluding a three-year, million-mile fleet trial at Archer Daniels Midland.
Energy independence has been PEC's goal since its 1992 founding. Now, there's been a "wake-up call for this country and energy security," Dunlop says following the September 11 terrorist atrocities in New York City and Washington.

PEC Was Headquartered in the World Trade Center

PEC was headquartered at One World Trade Center, the first tower hit. By pure luck a meeting with National Renewable Energy Lab officials for nine that morning had been postponed and no one was in the 53rd floor PEC suite. The company is now operating out of its Southern California offices.
As a nation lurches back to work after the September 11 attacks, it would be well to remember the role that the clean fuels and clean vehicles industries can play in helping make the United States less dependant on - let's face it - carcinogenic sludge hauled halfway around the world, at a level of expense that is never quantified but that could go a long way toward making our institutions, including our air infrastructure, safe and secure.
More than ever we need tax and tariff structures that reward the use of clean, domestic energy.

More International than Ever

More than ever we need to get in step with the rest of the civilized world. Embracing the Kyoto Protocol would be a good start.
PEC is in the market for new East Coast digs. it has a new international partner in Abengoa SA, of Seville, Spain, and according to Dunlop is actively seeking to convince American oil companies that their real future lies with fuels from home, not the Middle East.
"I feel passionate about this," Dunlop told F&F last week. "I hope the lawmakers in Washington start to pay attention to what companies like ours our doing."
So do we.

PEC, co-founder Scott Dunlop, 949-888-8560; fax 949-888-8562; sdunlop@pure-energy.com; www.pure-energy.com

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