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-- City of Philadelphia Hosts First Fleet Demonstration Program for P-Series --

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PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (June 18, 1999) Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson and Mayor Edward Rendell announced efforts today to "Fuel the Future" with cleaner-burning alternative fuels. During a ceremony held at City Hall, the two officials joined Merrick Andlinger, CEO of Pure Energy Corporation, to launch the first fleet demonstration program for Pure Energy's P-Series motor fuel, a new alternative fuel which is made largely from renewable resources and is essentially sulfur-free.

Last month, the Department of Energy designated P-Series as an "Alternative Fuel" under the regulatory authority of the Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPACT) clearing the way for P-Series to become an attractive and widely available option for federal and state fleet demonstration programs. For the first demonstration, the City of Philadelphia will replace gasoline with P-Series in several flexible fuel vehicles for one year. These vehicles were test-driven using P-Series fuels during the inauguration ceremony.

Bill Richardson
U.S. Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson offers words of support at Philadelphia demonstration kickoff; flanked by (left to right) Philadelphia mayor Ed Rendell and Deputy Mayor Herb Vederman

"Philadelphia is proud to be the first city to host a fleet demonstration program for P-Series," Mayor Rendell of Philadelphia said. "We're pleased to demonstrate our commitment to a cleaner environment with the use of domestically abundant, renewable fuels, such as P-Series, in some of the vehicles in the City's fleet."

"This event marks an important milestone for Pure Energy's P-Series fuels and the future use of alternative fuels," said Andlinger, CEO of Pure Energy. "We acknowledge Secretary Richardson and Mayor Rendell's leadership in bringing P-Series to Philadelphia. This program will demonstrate that P-Series is a practical alternative to gasoline. P-Series can use existing distribution infrastructure and engine technology."

With the increase in production of flexible fuel vehicles over the next few years, Pure Energy sees a tremendous market for its fuel. Tens of thousands of flexible fuel vehicles have been purchased by fleet managers to comply with EPACT mandates. In addition, flexible fuel engines are already standard equipment for certain models.

Pic 11
The wholesale cost-per-gallon of P-Series will be comparable to gasoline and less than other alternative fuels once it is in commercial production. The fuel is produced from low-cost waste materials and can help to reduce the volume of material entering landfills.

Currently, only limited quantities of the fuel are available and are being dedicated to demonstration programs. The first commercial facility, expected to produce 50 million gallons of P-Series annually, is planned for construction in 2000. An aggressive growth schedule should see multiple facilities producing P-Series by 2005 in the United States and internationally.

P-Series was patented by Princeton University (U.S. Patent No. 5697987) in December 1997. Pure Energy holds the exclusive worldwide license to commercialize P-Series and has developed its own technology to produce the key ingredients.

Pure Energy Corporation, with offices in New York and California, is a private company that develops and commercializes technology for new fuels, fuel additives and chemicals by working with established industry partners. The company has developed a substantial base of intellectual property and patents. Some of these fuels are already being used in demonstration programs across the country. For more information, contact Pure Energy Corporation at One World Trade Center, Suite 5301, New York, N.Y. 10048, or visit their Web site at www.pure-energy.com.

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