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New York, NY--January 14, 1998-- A news briefing was held today by Princeton University and Pure Energy Corporation to discuss Princeton's recent patent for a revolutionary, non-petroleum substitute for gasoline called P-series. Pure Energy Corporation holds the exclusive worldwide license to manufacture and distribute the alternative fuel.

P-series, which was developed by Dr. Stephen Paul of Princeton, is designed to be cost competitive with gasoline and compatible with the Clean Air Act of 1990 and the Energy Policy Act of 1992. Use of the fuel, which is as much as 70 percent renewable will advance reductions in greenhouse gases and lower tail pipe emissions.

Merrick Andlinger, CEO of Pure Energy Corporation, said today, "This is a major milestone for Pure Energy Corporation and the P-series. P-series has all the benefits of a 'fuel of the future' and we are preparing it for commercialization today. It will be cost and performance competitive with gasoline, as well as cleaner burning."

Andlinger continued, "The focal point of our discussion today was two-fold. We wanted our audience to take with them an understanding of the benefits P-Series brings to today's society, both from an environmental and economical impact, as well Pure Energy's strategy for bringing P-series to the marketplace."

In his presentation, Mr. Andlinger discussed the history of Pure Energy Corporation, the origin of P-series and Dr. Paul's role in its development, the benefits and attributes of P-series and the legislative mandates associated with the development of alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehicles. Mr. Andlinger also discussed in greater lengths, Pure Energy's commercialization plans for P-series.

Pure Energy Corporation, with offices in New York and California, is a privately funded company that engineers breakthrough products from biomass that are designed to be cost competitive, use existing systems, and are environmentally sound.

Company Contacts:

Merrick Andlinger
President & CEO
Pure Energy Corporation
(212) 938-6923

Glenn Wiener
Senior Account Executive
Hill and Knowlton, Inc.
(212) 885-0367

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