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Pure Energy Corporation is a bio-based fuels and chemicals company focused on bridging the fossil energy and the renewable energy industries with environmentally friendlier and commercially viable systems.

Biodiesel is a non-toxic, biodegradable petroleum-diesel substitute, produced from vegetable oils and animal fats, and designed to operate in unmodified compression ignition engines. The fuel can be utilized by itself (B100), or in any percentage blend with regular diesel, yielding significant reductions in diesel's harmful emissions products.

Biodiesel Production Systems: Pure Energy offers continuous-flow biodiesel manufacturing technology capable of producing high-quality product from multiple feedstocks. The technology provides a high-efficiency, low-operating-cost platform capable of producing biodiesel that meets or exceeds ASTM and CEN quality standards. PEC is currently in the process of deploying several production projects with its strategic partners in the U.S. and abroad.

E-Diesel (Oxygenated Diesel), a stable blend of diesel and renewable ethanol, is a cleaner burning blend for use in unmodified diesel engines.

Puranol is a comprehensive additive system designed to blend a variety of alcohols with diesel fuel. This technology allows for the first time "splash-blending" of fuel-grade ethanol with No. 2 diesel fuel. Puranol is available in commercial quantities today.

D-Series, an alternative motor fuel for gasoline engines is a complex blend of renewable and fossil liquid fuels resulting in an environmentally responsible, high-performing, cost competitive fuel for use in today's automobiles.

Biomass conversion technology is designed to produce, from urban wastes and agricultural residues, a range of chemicals, including fuel-grade ethanol, in a biorefinery. The process has been engineered and tested on a pilot-scale and is now ready for commercialization.

We are actively working with industry partners to commercialize our products and production systems.

Download E-Diesel SAE Paper #2001-01-2475 (.pdf)

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